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Tournoi Anniversaire 2015

To conclude the 2015 season, we are inviting you to our Tournoi anniversaire! The association is now 8 years old.

When: Saturday october 24th 2015
Where: Parc Ignace Bourget
Format: 2 round of 12 holes (1 in double and 1 in simple)
Cost: – Free
Division: Advance or amateur
Max of 60 players

Schedule: (this is just a guideline)
9h30 registration (close to the practice basket)
10h00 players meeting
10h15 first round in double (team will be made by draw with 1 advance player and 1 amateur player)
12h00 Lunch (bring your lunch please)
12h30 Second round
14h30 scoring calculation
15h00 prizes raffle and cake
15h45 tournament end

How to win prize?
At registration we will give you 1 ticket for being present that will give you a chance to win a prize at the end of the day. You want more? Some ctps will be place on the course and they will worth 5 tickets. you finish first in your division? this is 15 tickets, 2nd is 10 tickets and 3rd is 5 tickets.

Any question?

Benoit Turcotte
Tournament Director

To register please complete the register form below:

The list of player is in the french post

La Grosse Coupe 2015

Sponsored by Bikram Yoga Boucherville

Event Details

  • Saturday September 5th 2015 at Parcours de l’Ile Charron
  • Maximum number of players : 72 players (Place is reserved upon reception of payment)
  • Lunch is not included and there is nothing close by, so bring your own lunch!
  • A 2$ ACE pot will be available (not included in your registration fees)
  • Meeting near teepad #1 for players check-in and players meeting!
  • Please use the visitors parking lot for your vehicle
  • The tournament will be played regardless of weather conditions
  • Registrations will close August 31st 2015


  • Singles Stroke Play
  • 2 rounds of 18 baskets (regular course)
  • Open, Master and Advance : Long-Long
  • Am-2 : Short-Long
  • Women & Junior : Short-Short
  • Recreational : Short (1 round in the morning only)
  • QDGT code of conduct and PDGA rules apply


  • 8:15 – 9:00 : Players check-in
  • 9:15 : Players meeting
  • 9:30 : 1st round
  • 12:30 – 1:15 : Lunch
  • 1:30 : 2nd round
  • 5:00 : Prizes and Awards Ceremony

Registrations closed
Registrants List : 66/72

Open (16)

Paulo César
Simon Bélanger-Gagnon
Richard Sauvé ($)
Sylvain Mercier
Kyle Sebert
Mark Doucette
Geoff Penton
Travis Connolly
David Clavey
Gabriel Rondeau
Yan Bertrand ($)
Eric (Big T) Tremblay ($)
Jovin Daigneault ($)
Cyle Prange

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Patrick Huot

Master (11)

Peter Lizotte
Philippe Blanchette
Jake Brennan
Don Lane
Reynald Sabourin ($)
Michel St-Pierre
Bob Morrison
Benoit Boucher
Charles Martel
Jean Desrochers
Yves Desgreniers

Advance (14)

Charles Blanchette
Jean-François Brochu
Maxime Lemay ($)
Christian Traversy ($)
John Ray Deegan
Jonathan Benoit ($)
Julien Paiement
André Savaria ($)
Jonathan Montagne
Joseph Racicot
Sébastien Massé ($)
Louis-Philippe Camirand ($)
André Robin ($)

AM-2 (16)

Keith Gauthier
Serge Dubé
Sylvie Petrin
Magnus Johansson
Ryan Landerman
Adam Trudeau
Rémy Desaulniers ($)
Mark Earle
Guillaume Houle
Paul-André Lemieux
Daniel Horth
Michel Forget ($)
Stéphane Vaudreuil ($)
Daniel Ouimet
Lee Anholt
Ludovic Chartier

Women (7)

Danielle Dubé
Elysa Fauteux
Christina Goulet
Danielle Duplisea
Karina Candelier
Marnie Stanzel ($)
Maryse Trudel ($)

Junior (2)

Samuel Béliveau ($)
Mirko Benoit ($)


Pelican Cup

Ottawa Disc Golf Club vs. Association Disc Golf Montreal
Ettyville Super Spin DGC (click here for directions)

July 11th, 2015

A ryder cup style team event where 8 ODGC players compete against 8 ADGM players to battle it out in various matchplay formats. First tee off at 9am sharp.

Support your team by waering the pelican color

For ADGM member only!!!


To order:(only available today july 6th)

Paulo Cesar De Almeida (C)
Patrick Huot (A)
Dario Ré
Denis Dyotte
Éric Tremblay
Richard Sauvé
Benoit Turcotte
Dave Cleeve
Sub#1: Jovin Daigneault
Sub#2: Ken Horth

Andrew Vallée (C)
Carl Visser (A)
Shane Kilpatrick
Ken Darcovich
Cyle Prange
Alex Wierdsma
Claus Reitlingshoefer
Dan Phillips
Sub#1: Chris Morrison
Sub#2:Jeff Lariviere

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The earliest start time will be 9 am sharp. The rest of the day’s schedule is variable with a lunch in between rounds 3 and 4.

First Round will be Ettyville Long Tees–numbers 1-9. The first round is Best-Disc Doubles. You will travel in Foursomes (1 Montreal Doubles team vs. 1 Ottawa Doubles team).

Second Round will be Ettyville Long Tee–numbers 10-18. The second round is Alternating-Shot Doubles. You will travel in Foursomes.

Third Round will be Ettyville Mid Tees–numbers 1-3, 10, 14-18. The third round is Best-Score Doubles. You will travel in Foursomes.

Fourth and Final Round will be Ettyville Short Tees numbers 1-18. The fourth round is head to head Match Play Singles.