annual general meeting & 2018 board of directors

We would like to thank everybody for participating in our annual general meeting on March 18 where we discussed all the progress made in 2017 while looking ahead to the years to come. We have a busy season in the making for 2018 with two different tours.

The ADGM will be hosting three major tournaments, promoting the sport more than ever and pushing for more course development in the region. We said goodbye to board members Sébastien Massé and Pascal Cyr while welcoming Martin Boisselle and Jeesyca Desrosiers onto the council. Desrosiers has been an advisor to the board for nearly a year and has now officially joined the board, showing women throughout the Montreal region that this is not just a man’s sport. Boisselle already co-lead our winter putting league this year, he will be assistant TD during La Grosse Coupe and he has plenty more planned for us in 2018. During the meeting, we added a new position of Webmaster to the board of directors. After the meeting, LP Dextraze was unanimously voted into the post by the board. As you can see from our website, he has already been hard at work!

Max Lemay, Paul-André Lemieux and Isaac Olson will stay on for another term. This is Olson’s fifth season on the board!

Welcome to the team, Martin, Jeesyca and LP!

The ADGM board of directors for the 2018 season is as follows:

President: Isaac Olson
Co-vice-president: Jeesyca Desrosiers
Co-vice-president:  Paul-André Lemieux 
Administrator: Max Lmay
Treasurer: Martin Boisselle
Webmaster: LP Dextraze 

Max Lemay, Jeesyca Desrosiers Paul-André Lemieux, Isaac Olson, Martin Boisselle, LP Dextraze