What is discgolf?

Disc golf is played like traditional golf but using specialized Frisbees called «discs». Rather than hitting the ball in a hole, we try to throw our disc in a raised basket using as few shots as possible. Disc golf is a fun outdoor activity for the whole family, which is played year-round!
Disc golf is a well established sport, starting in 1959. Today there are more than 7,500 courses around the world, of which more than 6,000 are in Canada and the United States. The sport has its own professional association, the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association).https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO3ZSkFt8Cw

Required materials

  • 1 to 3 discs
  • Sport shoes

The discs

There are several types of discs available, each with a different function: long to short distance.

There are also several ways to throw discs, backhand (standard frisbee throw), forehand, overhead and more.

It is recommended for beginners to start playing with a «putter» (short distance), a «midrange» (mid-range disc) and a «driver» (long distance).

If you prefer to start with a single disc, the putter is the most universal disc.

It can be used for long distances, approaches and putt.

Basic rules

The initial throwing, the «drive», is made from a starting point (pad, grass, or marker).

Following the initial throw, the player must throw from where the disc landed by placing either the foot or the knee directly behind the disc and lining up towards the basket.

It is possible to stretch around an obstacle to throw but it is important to keep in mind that the player’s entire body (including the feet) must remain behind the disc.

Players must addtheir throws and the one who has the least at the end of the course wins the game!

Generally, if a disc lands in a tree, the player must play directly from under the disc.

If a disc goes out of bounds on a throw, the player may have to throw from a predetermined area or from where the disc is out of the field.

If there is a predetermined area for a particular hole, it will be specified on the terrain map.

Each stroke out of bounds is equivalent to a penalty shot.

For more way more details on the Official Rules of the Game, visit the PDGA’s website.

More information

Visiter le site de Disc Golf Sherbrooke pour d’autres informations sur le disc golf