About us

Created in 2007, the ADGM is a non-profit organization (NPO) that promotes the development of disc golf in the Greater Montreal area. Since its inception, the fundraising campaigns have allowed it to raise enough money to set up and manage three courses, including the free course of Charron Island in Longueuil, which alone attracts over a hundred players every week.


Jessyca has been passionate about golf since 2016. Involved in the community: ADGM board member since 2018, pic boyz member and co-organizer of the Série Disque Golf Québec since its inception. Jessyca is everywhere for the sport, even sometimes in the Bahamas. She wants to grow theto grow the sport so much that she personally produced a player in late 2018 (James Deegan # 112970). He is already registered for the junior division of La Grosse coupe 2025.
Jessyca Desrosiers
Mathieu discovered disc golf in 2013 but began to play more seriously in 2016. Event organizer by profession, Mathieu found his sport. He is determined to be a topcard but has a lot of fun even if he still hanging out at the bottom of the pack.
Mathieu Martineau
Louis-Philippe a découvert le disc golf par accident en juillet 2017 et as enfin trouvé son sport. le disc golf combine ses activités préférés, lancer des trucs et frapper des arbres.
Louis-Philippe Dextraze
Paul-André discovered disc golf in 2014. He loves almost anything that involves flight: planes, discs, boomerangs, skydiving, etc. Disc golf helps him accomplish many goals: keeping in shape, meeting other people, striving to be better and scratching his competition itch.
Paul-André Lemieux
Étienne Couture